Friday 17 July 2020

Perfect Promo Gifts For The Christmas Season

Can't believe we're already more than halfway through the year! Time really flies, and a lot has happened over past few months. Keeping up with the spirit of giving and spreading joy, Christmas is the perfect time of the year to be giving out promotional gifts. As such, we rounded up some of our favourite holiday-themed items. These promotional ideas for Christmas are not only eye-catching but they will surely help you get your message across.

Custom Branded Snow Globes for Festive Christmas Promotions!

Brands promote their products using these fun, decorative pieces all the time! The intricate details and attention that goes into the creation of the design and manufacture of each individual piece adds to the value and high-end quality of this decoration. With their popularity as a gift item, branded snow globes are a simple but effective way to boost your marketing campaign. With snow globes in the shape of lanterns, sleigh’s and snowmen, the variety of designs are endless! With these creative, high quality globes you can be sure that your brand will stand out. These season will certainly look magical indeed!

Holiday Giveaway: Perfect Promo Gifts For The Christmas Season

One thing that we really like about this shopping bag would be its design, the bright color choices of mainly red and white helps to keep it in theme with Christmas. The simple yet eye-catching design of the bag certainly makes it extremely noticeable even amongst the holiday crowds, which allows for any sort of branding on the bag to easily stand out. Aside from that, we also love how easy these bags are to carry. As opposed to the typical hand-carry plastic bags, the long straps that these shopping bags comes with allows it to be used as a shoulder-carry bag, which can certainly help to lighten the weight on the body. Promoting your company with this product comes with such ease, simply print your logo or any marketing ideas that you have on the bag and you're all good to go. This is why we believe that this Christmas-themed shopping bag is truly the perfect product to giveaway during this holiday season.

Holiday Giveaway: Perfect Promo Gifts For The Christmas Season

Make your alcoholic beverages stand out from the rest by decorating them with these adorable branded bottle sweaters. In such a cut-throat industry, staying abreast of your competitors and making a name for your brand can be a huge challenge. One solution to this dilemma is to differentiate your brand from the rest, and what better way than to use these cute branded bottle sweaters. These sweaters can be custom designed to include your company's logo and or any branding ideas so that it can be used as a promotional gift.

Holiday Giveaway: Perfect Promo Gifts For The Christmas Season

A custom product such as these Santa chair covers can be branded with your company logo as a creative and unique way to increase your brand awareness. It is also a great way to promote any sales or special offers that is happening within the venue of where the chair is placed. Because of the busy shopping season during the holidays, it is extremely important to have a promotional item that stands out amongst the rest. The Santa chair covers can be offered as part of a Gift with Purchase or Purchase with Purchase Christmas campaign, which incentives the customer to buy everything they would need for their gift-giving this Christmas.

There are many other promotional gifts that are perfect for the Christmas season. Here are 14 promotional ideas for this beautiful holiday season. At The ODM Group, we are dedicated in helping your company create the perfect promotional gift for any occasion. Should you have any queries, do feel free to contact us. Otherwise, you can view our magazine for more promotional gift ideas. 

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