Tuesday 21 July 2020

5 Unique Events Merchandise Every Guest Will Love

What makes a social event so memorable? Is it the host? Is it the people? Or is it the ambience? 
We like to think that a successful event is a mix of those things - and also the merchandise that helps facilitate the event. 

These could come in the form of freebies, basic facilitating goods and also several events merchandise guests get to use during the event. 

Remember - most guests want something to bring back home to after an event. And these can become their trophies that they showcase to their friends to prove that they were part of it. This is exactly what you'd want for brand exposure. 

Therefore - to simplify this issue for our readers, we compile 5 unique events merchandise we think every guest will love. 

Drinking Hat Promotion for Special Events

Here is an interesting and fun drinking hat promotion perfect for nights out, stag does, hen does and even out door summer events. This product is great as a quirky customisable gift for trade shows or music festivals and is perfect for targeting a young audience. We think it would be a great promotional idea to win the hearts of guests in beer festivals. These would definitely stand out from the crowd. 

Raincoat poncho ball keychain promotional gift

When you're hosting an event outdoors, this could really come in handy. We wouldn't want the event to stop because of rain. We wouldn't want our guests to be troubled with carrying an umbrella around either. Solution? Raincoats, easily stored into a form of a keychain. Portable and functional at the same time. 

Clapper gloves are great promotional products to handout during  sport events. Sports fans will be thrilled to receive such a fun gift that helps them encourage their favorite sports teams. This type of product is of interest to official sponsors of soccer, basketball, football and baseball teams in order to promote their brand in a unique way. 

Retractable Badge Reels for Corporate Promotions

These badge holders provide safety and save time while using it. You can fix it onto your belt, bag or pockets. This holder not only allows you to hang your badges and cards, but also a variety of smaller objects such as: keys, whistles, mini flashlights, personal seals and so on.

When it comes to cheering for your favorite team, these Thunder Stick Noisemakers are certainly a must have. Print your brand name on them to increase publicity when fans use them to support their team.

Interested to learn more? Contact us and we will love to assist you in your projects! 

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