Monday 27 July 2020

Top 5 Highly Used Promotional Items

We've had said this ever so repeatedly, that this should already be familiar to brand managers who are sourcing for promotional products - go for high utility items. 

When you're planning out a campaign, one of the key objectives is to increase brand awareness and exposure to the target market. Let's say your target market is not so niche, and warrants the attention of a large demographic - we suggest brand managers use promotional products that are highly utilized and with a universal use across different market segments. 

Why use highly-utilized products? 

As mentioned before, highly-utilized products refer to products that customers use very frequently. These are products that your customers can associate your branding with and the high frequency of exposure to the brand will definitely promote your brand awareness. 

Top 5 highly-utilized promotional products : 

Unique Designs for Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Promotional mugs have been a staple promotional product. They are ageless and can incorporate themselves into the lives of customers. This becomes very familiar to customers when they integrate it into their daily beverage consumption, such as their go-to cup at work or for breakfast. 
Almost everyone can identify their go-to mug. Our objective is to make sure that the brand becomes part of it. 

Promotional keychains are another great promotional product customers love to use! They're always hanging on to their keys and the very thing that customers will take notice of when they leave their home and enter their homes. It's something that they will identify their keys with and that's definitely something brands can leverage on. Here's an interesting way your brand can use these - custom rubik's cube! 

Custom USB bracelet with Power Bank Charge Cable
We're always running out of energy! When you're on the go, and in need to charge your mobile phone there's something that people would appreciate which are these USB charging cable bracelets. These cables can attach itself into a single bracelet that users can wear around their wrist. This makes it easy for them to bring it around wherever they go. Therefore makes a great potential for a highly utilized promotional product. 

Fidget toys 3

We just can't stop touching them! As everyone knows, fidget toys are the most popular products for 2017, it was first made to help people concentrate. But as it is very common, there is a lot of different qualities or options.

A lot of original stationary items to decorate your office and desk.

Stationary are such an easy way to promote your brand. They are cheap and if targeted at the right audience can be a very reliable day-to-day product that customers can love. 
We've seen these to be more popularly used for corporate events and trade shows where freebies are almost everywhere to be found. 

Interested in manufacturing your own promotional products? Feel free to contact us and we will love to assist you in your future projects. 

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