Friday 25 September 2020

5 Custom LED Products to Light Up Your Brand

We've seen quite an interesting trend for promotional products to incorporate LED features in order to help elevate the product.

The reason is simple - LED lights are so eye-catching and easily noticeable. This is an important feature when trying to design a promotional product. Ideally, we would want to use promotional products that can gain optimal brand exposure. For your brand to do that, you would need a product that can grab people's attention.

There are hundreds of LED related products in the promotional products market. To simplify this, we've narrowed down 5 Custom LED products that will help light up your brand.

1. LED Bottle Sticker


The bottle LED sticker is very simple to use and operate because it just needs to be pasted on the bottom of a bottle and is button activated. So, with just a push of a button, the drinks promotional product can help improve the aesthetics of the bottle from an ordinary alcoholic bottle to one that attracts a lot of consumers’ attention!

2. Custom LED Light Pens

customisable LED light pens

The new customisable LED light pens come in 8 different colors and light mode: red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, pink, and white. Each pen writes in black ink making it perfect for office and school use. Each pen uses LED light so they are long-lasting.

3. LED Power Banks

Custom Power Bank Phone Casing

These LED Power Banks are able to incorporate your brand logo onto the casing with an aesthetic back-light. This creates a much more appealing sight for the brand and personalizes the phone casing. It has an indicator at the top left of the power bank to indicate the remaining battery life.

4. Custom LED Bottles

Custom LED Bottles to Light Up Your Christmas Promotion

The micro LEDs inside are connected by ultra-thin wires to a battery pack. They definitely resemble the regular Christmas lights, yet the type attached to the products are portable and several sizes smaller.
The batteries for the bottles in the image stay underneath the base, well hidden. You can then vary the amount of light you want to illuminate each bottle by how much of the lighting you place inside.

 5.  Holographic LED Display Fan 

Perfect for outdoor and indoor settings, this type of advertising strategy will highlight your brand in a way that marketing LED displays and other 2D displays can’t.
Holographic projectors use laser and electron holography to project high-quality vivid displays. The display fan refracts light and projects ghost like images. 

Would you like to have these as your promotional products as well? 

If you are looking to produce any promotional products with LED features, do contact us. Otherwise, for more ideas on such creative promotional products, visit our magazine

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