Tuesday 29 September 2020

4 Creative Ideas for Promotional Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics have been such a successful industry that has developed itself into a woman's lifestyle for ages. With a large movement led by the LGBT Community, they've also shown a great interest in cosmetic products and have been associated to femininity in society. However, we would also like to speak on behalf to those that believe that cosmetics are not restricted to women, with applicable use for the gentlemen as well.

Therefore, with the success of Cosmetic Brands showing great value for customers in demand, it also engages more competitors to enter the business. Retail giants like Zalora have also pursued to leave its mark in the industry.

That brings us to brand promotion. How can companies from the Cosmetic Industry promote their branding? Our solution? Promotional Cosmetic Products.

Today, we will be compiling 4 Promotional Cosmetic Products that we believe can definitely help boost your brand positioning.

Top 4 Promotional Cosmetic Products

Customizable Power Bank with Mirror

Finding your bag too heavy because of the number of things in it? Well, this 2-in-1 customizable power bank with mirror will help you save space. Not only is it a power bank, it is also a custom pocket mirror. Users do not have to bring two separate items catering to different purposes. 

Cosmetics and beauty products are essential to make skin look youthful and fresh. This hydrating facial mist keeps skin hydrated and looking supple. Great for every day use at home or at work.
When leaving the house, it is important to store your expensive cosmetic products in a safe place. Cosmetic pouches allow for convenience and allows you to find your products more easily. Cosmetic pouches are perfect for branding because they are easily customisable and they are commonly used by all. 

It is important to provide a promotional product that compliments your brand and the products that you are selling. Makeup brushes are extremely essential and creates a flawless and professional look on those who use it. Makeup brushes are small, handy and portable, which could fit in any standard size cosmetic pouch. This helps the brand create a positive and lasting impression. 

Here are just some of the many creative ideas for Promotional Cosmetic Products. ODM Group is a marketing agency that specialises in innovative ideas in promotional merchandise. Our team has over 15 years of experience in sourcing promotional products. If you are interested in getting promotional cosmetic products or other promotional gifts, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, for more marketing gift ideas, check out our magazine

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