Wednesday 28 October 2020

Coolest Marketing Strategy : Milo's Cooler Bag Gift with Purchase

As a student in school, we've once dreamed of being the coolest kid in school. Likewise, many children have this childhood dream too. So what determines how cool you are? It is definitely shown through the things you bring to school. 

Nestlé's Milo is a popular brand amongst children. With it being a convenient, nutritious and delicious drink, many find joy in purchasing this drink. It is especially refreshing when drank cold. They have recently come up with a promotional gift with purchase. For every purchase of 5 clusters of 4 packs, a cooler bag will be provided as a gift with purchase. 

This cooler bag comes in 2 different designs. However, the team has only seen one of them. This cooler bag is designed in green, which is striking to the product. This cooler bag is shaped like a bus, with imagery showing that there are 2 children in the front seat. Additionally, the logo is also branded on the cooler bag. Green is associated with the Milo beverage, hence with the appropriate colour used and the logo branding, it allows for higher brand visibility.  

This cooler bag is is extremely beneficial as Milo drinks are best enjoyed cold! This gift with purchase is extremely useful as it can be used for many different purposes. First of all, students can pack their lunch alongside their Milo when they head on to school. Secondly, parents can purchase Milo products such as Milo ice cream and make use of this cooler bag. Thirdly, it can also be used to store many different items in your household. With many purposes and many opportunities for use, consumers will use this gift often. This brings about high brand remembrance. 

Moreover, customers never complain about a FREE and extremely functional gift! With this gift, it actually also improves the company's brand image as a cooler bag is a recyclable bag. This means that it can be used over regular plastic or paper shopping bags. This improves the company's brand image as it encourages their customers to make use of reusable bags whenever they go shopping or whenever they wish to consume their delicious packet of Milo. 

With these 3 points, it shows that cooler bag as a marketing gift is a good choice. It is an object used often and will not be left idling around your household. Cooler bags like these have many different and unique purposes. If you are looking to produce a marketing gift like this or other marketing gifts, do contact us at The ODM Group. We have many years of experience as a promotional marketing agency and we will be delighted to produce a marketing gift for your future promotional events. Furthermore, if you are looking for other marketing gift ideas, feel free to view more of our posts on Marketing Gifts. Otherwise, you can view more of our blogs on our magazine on ODM Group. 

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