Wednesday 1 July 2020

Top 10 Custom Phone Accessories

The Digital Age

Ever since the dawn of the digital ages, mobile phones have been a constantly evolving product that has captured so much attention and developed into an essential product.

While it might not be a commodity, consumers have been increasingly attached to their smart phones, which makes it a highly used product.

Did you know that Americans spend an average 5.4 hours on their phones daily! That's almost a quarter of your day being exposed to your phones!

What does this mean for companies?

Companies from different industries have used phone related products as a promotional product to promote their branding. 

This is because there is a demand for phone accessories, and that they know that they can tap onto that demand in order to optimize their brand exposure.

Phone accessories can complement a phone very nicely, so much so that it becomes an integral feature of an individual's phone. This creates an opportunity for companies to incorporate their branding into the phone market, without even having to produce them as part of their core business.

Our Top 10 Picks for Custom Phone Accessories

1. Phone Covers

Phone Cases with Changeable Panels- Amazing Idea for Collectible Promos

There’s an increasing demand for phone cases since most people are using smartphones nowadays. Interest in this merchandise will not die down soon. Therefore, it opens great opportunity to increase sales.

2. Phone Stand Button

promotional cellphone accessories

Handheld phone holders, allow cellphone users to have a good grip of their phones and tablets while they text or take a selfie. Plus, they double as portable stand for when you want to watch movies. Simply “pop” the attachment to transform it into a stable media stand.

3. Custom Earphones

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones
Tune into world’s hottest promotional product with customised earphones! With unique retractable function, these earbuds have a large area to display your logo, allowing for maximum exposure to your advertising message.

4. Waterproof Phone Case

Promotional Waterproof phone case

The case is made of PVC. It is sealed at the top and prevents water entering the case. The PVC promotional waterproof phone case can as a result be used to safely store your device for all your water related events. You are able to conveniently transport your device anywhere with the attached  neckband. It can be worn around your neck or the size can be reduced to fit your wrist. The case also allows you to operate your device.

5. Car Phone Holder w/ Wireless Charging

Branded Auto Accessories - Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder

As a car phone charger it holds high branding potential. The wireless charging section of the phone holder has a rather large surface area that will make it easy to present your brand name and logo.

Furthermore, the phone charger itself is sturdy. The grips on the charger can be adjusted to fit any size phone, be it big, small or slim, and this is highly practical and diverse. The grips are also sturdy which is perfect for making sure your phone does not slip out of the holder when driving on a unstable road surface.

6. Promotional Earphones

Promotional Music Accessories: Chic and Trendy Custom Earphones

Custom earphones are unique promotional products. They have upgraded the usual look of an earphone; adding trinkets that enhance appeal and attractiveness. Aside from the cute designs, these custom earphones come in different colours that could match your brand’s theme.

7. Augmented Reality Game Gun 

High End Giveaways

The gaming world is a popular industry that will never lose its popularity. Modern technology in the video game world has improved so much, an augmented reality gaming gun has been designed. It is a great way for video game companies or electronic stores to give out has high end giveaways.

8. Phone Camera Lenses

Tech Promo Product Idea – Phone Camera Lens

Believe or not smartphone  are affecting photography’s field as well. Indeed, we bet you are taking more photos with your phone rather than a proper camera. And surprisingly, photos taken with a phone can also be stunning. You just need to check out – iPhone Photography Awards to believe that.

9. Phone Stand + Card Holder 2-in-1

Low-Budget Promo Idea - Phone Stand & Card Holder

As you can see on the picture below this is not only a card holder and mobile phone stand, but also a great earphones holder. With this smart promo product you don’t need to waste your time on unraveling earphones anymore. Simple, and multi-functional!

10. Minimal Phone Grips

Custom Phone Grips

Maybe buttons are not just for you! This custom phone grip simply sticks on the back of your phone in any position you want, making it completely personal to your hand and phone size, then slide up. Simple! These branded phone promo accessories even stick on your phone case, so don’t worry about having to pick between the two.

Like what you see? If you're interested in designing and manufacturing your own custom phone accessories, feel free to contact us and we would love to assist you in your projects. 

We hope you find inspiration from this article. Thanks!

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