Wednesday 1 July 2020

Best 5 Promotional Phone Casing Ideas

Custom Phone Casings have been a widely used tool by brand managers, great for pre-launching a promotional campaign. There are 3 main reasons why brand managers love using promotional phone casings : 

1. Mobility

Phone casings are easy to attach to phones, and is a promotional product that is able to be brought outdoors and not restricted in being brought around. This is an important feature for promotional products to ensure that the product can maximize your brand exposure. This will eventually lead to brand awareness.

2. Simplicity 

Phone casings are simple and easy to use. It does not require too much directions on how to use them and can be easily simplified for almost every type of demographic.This means that you can also easily modify the phone casings to suit your brand personality.

3. High Utility 

Mobile Phones have almost became an essential product to accompany us in our daily lives. This is why your brand should be able to be part of a bigger experience with your customers. The more they use your product, the better your brand recall is. Also, most people do not exchange their phone casings ever so frequently.

Now if we've convinced you why phone casings are a great promotional product to use, let's discuss some of our top 5 promotional phone casing ideas.

Top 5 Picks 

1. 2-in-1 Power Bank Phone Casing

Custom Power Bank Phone Casing

Phone accessories, such as phone casings in general are great promotional mediums – due to their high utility. When combined with an extra feature of a power bank, it helps differentiate it from other phone casings. These custom power bank phone casings might just be what your brand needs to increase your brand awareness.

2. Phone Cover with Flash Drive

Definitely not the usual iPhone covers you see in the market, these innovative ones are bound to create hype about it. This 2-in-1 USB iphone cover would no doubt entice iPhone owners who are tech savvy!

3. Casing with Bottle Opener

Promotional gift idea: Customized phone cover opener

Nowadays beer and beverage companies make big efforts to make great promo campaigns and to surprise their customers with unique and trendy promo items. Customized phone cover opener protects the phone, looks unusual and very useful.

4. Wallet Phone Casing

Durable multi-function promotional phone wallet

Multi-functional promotional phone wallet not only suits young ladies when hanging out at parties or appointments, but also for those business men fighting in their fields. It features handy dual pockets for one mobile phone storage and a section for wallet items. It is fashionable and convenient.

5. Wooden Laser Engraved Casings

Promotional Wooden Products - Customizable Phone Cases To Dazzle The Crowd

Simple arrow designs lend a neat yet trendy feel. Companies can also print their brand on the upper part of the cover.
As you can see, there’s space to personalize your promotional product. Marketers can print their brand name or customers’ names for a personal touch.

We hope you find inspiration in our top 5 list of phone casing ideas!
If you're interested in making your own phone casings, contact us and request for a quote.
We would love to assist you on your promotional campaign.

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