Tuesday 30 June 2020

Top 5 Promotional Bag Ideas

Promotional bags have been a widely used promotional products for companies Bags are such a useful promotional tool due to its versatility, innovative opportunities and also high utility rate. 


When we're choosing an appropriate promotional product, we would ideally pursue items with high quality. This is because consumers will associate the quality of your products to your brand image. Moreover, we would also want to use items that have a relatively long shelf life to encourage consumers to continuously use it. 

High Utility Rate 

Almost everyone has a bag. Its a universal item that allows people to keep things mobile. A key idea when determining what type of bags to customize for your branding, make sure that the product can be used everyday, and fulfills the function of a bag. 

Innovative Opportunities

The idea of the bag by itself is very simple. In fact, we'd rather refer to it as a blank canvas, with countless of opportunities to customize it. With different variations of bags out there, its easy to integrate your creativity into a simple product, and make it stand out among others. 

Speaking of which, here are our top 5 picks for Promotional Bags. 

Promotional Items for Kids

Promotional Products should be interactive- just as much as you would need your campaign to be engaging. This is important to attract your customer's attention and creating a deepened relationship when you are able to make them feel more inclusive in the process. This creates greater brand awareness and a fulfilling activity for customers to participate in.

2. Foldable Backpacks

Promotional Foldable BackpackPromotional Foldable Backpack
Promotional items should be made to facilitate convenience and also serve its purpose. These foldable backpacks make a great compact item that can easily be integrated as an on-pack promotion. 
Because these bags are flexible and practical, they can be used for just about any industry.

Branded Reflective Bags

These branded reflective bags are not your ordinary bags. They are made out of light-reflective fabric material that will shine when a light source is directed to it. It made of a similar material that is used in construction vests. These are really great as night gears because they can be easily seen in the dark.Therefore, this simulates a glow-in-the-dark effect. Here is a comparison of what it looks like when it is in the dark vs in a lit room.

4. Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

The fingerprint lock bag is a perfect employee welcome gift idea, especially for law firms. This bag is unique as it can keep the owner’s belongings in the bag safely. Here, at ODM, we work hard to provide clients meaningful and useful corporate gifts that will help improve productivity and efficiency. 

5. Custom Bio Degradable Bags

Custom Biodegradable Bags

Any colour or design can be picked for custom biodegradable bags. It can include your company colours, logos, mascots, or be something different altogether. These products would be amazing convention giveaway ideas.

We hope you find inspiration in our top 10 list of custom bottle openers!
If you're interested in making your own custom bottle openers, contact us and request for a quote.
We would love to assist you on your promotional campaign.

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