Tuesday 30 June 2020

Top 10 Promotional Products For Tech Industry

Brands should capitalise in this new era of technology wherein a lot of people are into gadgets. So, giving away promotional products that are a perfect fit for the tech-savvy is a good idea. Our team has listed the best marketing gifts for the tech-savvy.

Custom USB Data Blocker

At airports, hotels or other public places, you can find power charging kiosks with USB ports. However, you might be unsure of how safe it will be to charge your gadgets. This is because there is a risk of juice jacking – which is a cyber-attack where hackers can steal data or install malware in your device.

Custom Webcam Covers 

Webcam covers are small pieces of plastic that stick onto your computer’s camera using a simple adhesive, and that’s it! It comes equipped with a slider which allows you to be in control of when the camera is visible or not. So only open it when you need to!

The adhesive does not directly touch the camera so the webcam quality won’t be affected.

This is a very cheap and effective method of improving cyber security and makes for a great promotional gift idea.

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

It’s customizable, fully brandable and can come in various shapes and designs. Hence, it makes an ideal corporate gift, gift with purchase item, or contest prize for cellphone companies. This item is also ideal for a broad spectrum of audience, thus increasing your market reach.

Tech Promo Product Idea – Phone Camera Lens

As with any lens for compact cameras, the range of these tech promo products goes from cheap and basic lens to very bright and professional ones. They are substantially small-scale lens studied to fit a smartphone. You will find any kind and type of them, the most popular are: fish eye, macro, wide, polarizer and telephoto. They can be made for a particular brand or come with an “universal” clip.

Branded Corporate Gift: Be Heard with Handheld Bluetooth Speakers

These custom bluetooth speakers also come in many styles, so there will definitely be a design for just about everyone! Plus, you can get your brand imprinted on the mini-bluetooth speakers. Not only will you improve corporate relations, you’ll also be able to get your brand out there.

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

These branded smart tracker devices are tiny with a length and width of both 36mm and a height of 5.8mm. It can be attached using a phone strap to any of your items be it your keys, purses or bags, so you can always find your phone and with a weight of 10g it’s ultra lightweight.

Tech Giveaways: 4 Of The Best Marketing Gifts For The Tech Savvy

Smart bags are fast becoming popular nowadays. Some types have built-in locking systems to keep contents safe. These are a great help for students, employees, and entrepreneurs who always travel. As such, our designers have come up with various smart bag styles and designs that suit the modern men and women. More importantly, you can use them to improve your brand positioning. If you are keen to custom design backpacks with us, call us anytime to learn more.

Tech Giveaways: 4 Of The Best Marketing Gifts For The Tech Savvy

This product is a pen, a stylus and a USB all in one. This promotional pen has a multitude of uses: it can be used to sign documents or take notes, tap and navigate smart devices and of course to store electronic documents on the go. In the event of an emergency and you desperately need a USB, you never have to fret over searching for one frantically! 

Tech Giveaways: 4 Of The Best Marketing Gifts For The Tech Savvy

Everyone uses a power bank. It has become part of the essentials. No one simply leaves without their handy power bank. Hence, this is a great opportunity for brands to these items into their own custom promotional giveaways for business.

This is the most important feature of a promotional item. Power banks may easily be moulded into different forms and use different kinds of materials. It is evident on these custom power banks that were showcased at the trade fair. The sizes and colour vary from each other. It can either have one or two USB ports.

Tech Giveaways: 4 Of The Best Marketing Gifts For The Tech Savvy

When you are engaging in some outdoor activities and are stuck in an emergency situation without light, this branded foldable solar torch is sure to come in handy. It is designed for maximum brightness, and it lights up the vicinity very evenly due to its ingenious design which opens up to 3 light panels. There are different lighting modes for different purposes such as to signal to nearby travellers.

So, if you'd like to know more about these tech giveaways, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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