Monday 29 June 2020

5 Promotional Kids Toys Ideas

In marketing, we're always trying to find the best solution for our end-consumer. 
Similarly, our nature of business also prioritize the interest of our clients and how they can help theirs. 

One particular genre in the realm of promotional products is kids toys. 

Kids Toys are strategically used as promotional gifts to entice parents to purchase a product for their child. As brand managers, we must recognize that while the children demographic might be the target consumer for your product, it might not necessarily be your target buyer. 

For instance, in this case - parents are usually the purchaser and decision maker in the context of a family. Therefore, your brand has to determine and convince your target buyer why this product is appropriate for children. 

This is why Cereal Brands invest a certain amount of their budget in integrating in-pack toys promotions inside their cereal boxes. They encourage your customers to buy it, and not necessarily for themselves!

Now, if you're still reading this article, you're probably interested to learn more about promotional kids toys. To inspire you guys with some ideas, we list down 5 promotional kids toys ideas that can help boost your sales.

1. Custom Coloring Bags
Promotional Items for Kids

Tired of the usual promotional items for kids? Worry not, these custom coloring bags will surely bring color to your brand. These bags are of high quality and fun to use.

You have a lot of design options, when it comes to designing promotional bags for kids. Since you are marketing to kids, we thought, why not make them engaging and interesting? What better way to add fun to your marketing gifts than offering a something that they can customize themselves?

2. Cartoon Figurines

Cartoon figurines make a great promotional toy if your brand can license a well-known character. It also gives you the opportunity to develop your own brand character.
Using GWP to increase brand awareness is a great advertising strategy to capture customer attention and boost brand recall. It is particularly efficient if you combine it with licensed characters that people know and recognize.

3. Fidget Cubes

Fidget Toys 4
As everyone knows, fidget toys are the most popular products for 2017, it was first made to help people concentrate. But as it is very common, there is a lot of different qualities or options.
Those fidgets can be different such as clickers, roller ball or just simple button.

Customized Plush Toys

What we like about this merchandise is that they can strengthen brand engagement. After coloring the dolls, they can display them at home, thereby exposing the brand to other people. Therefore, these custom plush toys are more than just a toy or a past time for kids, but they also work as an effective advertising medium.

Why Use Promotional Plastic Construction Toys for Your Next Project

Building blocks, 3D puzzles, board games, and table games are fun to use and they could offer the promotional boost your brand needs. This plastic construction toys are an ideal as on-pack promos for kids’ items or as a trade show giveaway.

We want our toys to be as interactive as possible. Ideally, the brand recognition will have a longer lifespan with something that truly engages your customers.

We hope you find inspiration in our top 5 lise of promotional kids toys!
If you're interested in making your own custom toys, contact us and request for a quote.
We would love to assist you on your promotional campaign.

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