Monday 29 June 2020

Top 10 Custom Bottle Openers

Custom Bottle Openers have been a staple promotional product for the drinks industry. We love how customizable it is, and also simplicity of bottle openers.

Custom Bottle Openers make great promotional gifts, because its highly utilized and portable.
There's so much your brand could do with bottle openers.
This is especially a great product if you're marketing a beer brand, or bottle drinks in general.
Today, we would like share with you guys 10 custom bottle opener ideas.

1. USB Bottle Opener
Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Now, we've always openly expressed our interest in multi functional items.
USB flash drives are high used products in offices making it a wonderful promotional item. Nowadays, using a printed promotional USB stick for marketing is nothing new. But offering a custom bottle opener USB flash drive can be a wonderful conversation starter. This is a great opportunity for customers to recognize and become aware of your brand.

2. Credit Card Bottle Opener
Credit Card Bottle Opener
One important characteristic bottle openers should have is portability!
As a fantastic marketing idea for the drinks industry and any industry giving away this practical product, this bottle opener has its advantages. Made out of a sturdy stainless steel material it’s durable and will serve your customers for a long time!

3. USB Cable Bottle Opener
Beer Promo - USB Cable with Bottle Opener
Beer Promo - USB Cable with Bottle Opener

These USB cables with bottle openers can come in really handy when you are having a bottle of beer and need to charge a mobile phone. This beer promo is also a keychain for the beer promo item, that’s why it is convenient to carry, just fix it on your belt and then you will always have ability to charge your phone and open your bottle whenever you choose.

4. Finger Ring Bottle Opener
Beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener

The reason why we love this lovely beer promo gift-finger ring bottle opener is not only it’s stylish design, but also due to it’s easy manufacturing process which can easily meet your budget and deadline for any event compared with other promo gifts. Various colors of the finger ring bottle opener are available, together with it’s standard size, it fits your  finger perfectly and works well.

5. Baseball Cap Bottle Opener
Promotional baseball cap with bottle opener
Imagine how practical and useful this promotional item would be for young people who spend weekends in beer festivals! Apart from this, since this product is a really cool item, it will have a massive exposure with the public as it will grab their attention.

Apart from offering the possibility to open bottles anywhere you are also protecting your customers from the sun. Handy!

6. 3-in-1 Opener

Promotional Bottle Opener
This promotional product is the perfect gift for party-goers and also, people who are seeking for a product that can improve their way of living. Besides being a custom bottle opener, it is also a ring-pull opener for canned drinks and a can opener. This tool will certainly prove handy when opening a bottle of beer.

7. Ball Shape Bottle Opener

Creative Sports Promotion - Ball Shape Bottle Opener
Everyone has their own favourite sport. Be it football, golf or tennis, this Ball Shape Bottle Opener has got you covered for your Creative Sports Promotion. These fun bottle openers are shaped like golf balls, tennis balls or foot balls, and can play music when you open a bottle.

8. On-Pack Bottle Opener 

This on pack bottle opener particularly caught our attention. It is a very basic yet extremely useful product for beer promotions. The great aspect concerning this product is the fact that it can be easily packaged right onto a beer bottle. As you can see from the picture below the bottle opener fits perfectly on the neck of the beer bottle, which makes this item very easy to give away for beer companies as a promotional item.

9. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
Wall Mount Branded Bottle Openers- Impressive Designs that Turn Heads
These products work well with wine, beer, soft drinks, and other beverage brands. Bespoke designs are truly attractive and show superb craftsmanship.  Whilst some of these are simple with wood and exposed metal you can condition and logo these to really attract more attention.

10. Phone Casing Bottle Opener

This iPhone cover is made of hard poly-carbonate plastic that is lightweight and durable! Not to mention, the built in bottle opener definitely adds a creative touch. With its pressure points set on the case, the bottle opener can easily slide in and out without damaging the phone.

We hope you find inspiration in our top 10 list of custom bottle openers!
If you're interested in making your own custom bottle openers, contact us and request for a quote.
We would love to assist you on your promotional campaign.

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