Friday 26 June 2020

How to Promote Your Product with On-Pack Promotions

What are on-pack/in-pack promotions?

The name of this sales promotion strategy is pretty self explanatory. For the benefit of the doubt, on-pack promotions refer to any type of promotions that is integrated onto the product's packaging. 

There are certain ways to promote your product using on-pack promotions. One common example is promoting discounts on the packaging. Otherwise, gift-with-purchase would definitely complement on-pack promotions.

This term could also be interchangeably called 'in-pack promotions' depending on the dynamics of the packaging. 

Custom In-Pack Promotions 1

Brand managers use on-pack promotions because the packaging helps sell itself. On-pack promotions practically act as a on shelf salesperson that does not require any personal selling. 

On-pack promotions help encourage trial for products, as customers would recognize an added value to their purchase. 

It is especially a useful strategy to implement if you are launching a new product or product line. 
Some customers would not be comfortable with experimenting with new products. On-pack promotions and gift-with-purchase can help stimulate a demand to try your new product. 

Here is a case study we made on Paco Robanne's branded merchandise gifts that came together with its new fragrance launch : 

Paco Rabbane Promotional Gift Selection

On-pack promotion is one of the most convenient way to promote your brand, as it is easily identified by customers when the promotion is incorporated onto the packaging. This is also a great strategy for marketing managers who want their brand their stand out from competitors in the retail environment.

Promotions can come in the form of discounts (e.g. 10% off) , premiums (e.g. includes 10% more) or even physical gifts (e.g. free food container)

When selling your product in the retail market, there is minimal personal selling for products that are on the shelf. On-pack promotions adds an extra value to your products and helps with enticing impulse purchases.

Wind manufacturers have been great at incorporating sales strategies onto their products. This includes integrating it onto the wine bottles with minimal cost and optimal results. When considering the gift that comes with the purchase, the brand has to decide a secondary product that complements their core product.

5 On Pack Promotion Ideas

In-Pack Marketing

If you want to deviate from the usual promotional drinking glasses and custom mugs, then, you may want to try Mason Jars to promote your drinks. Here are some cute ideas for mason jars. 
Drinkwares are popular among the drinks industry because they are highly utilized. They also help complement the nature of the business. 

Now this is an on-pack specialty for our friends from the drinks industry. Your brand can be completely creative with bottle neckers and helps turn your typical bottle into something that sells!

To capture the attention of your customers, point of sales display plays a very important role in your promotional campaign. With creative ideas such as bottle jacket and bottle coat emerging in the market, you must be wondering what else has the drinks industry cooked up.

Riding the wave of innovation, this Bottle Necker Holder is the next big thing in the drinks promotion industry. This nifty item is very useful in promoting the brand name for wine and spirits.

3. Eco Friendly Food Containers 


We love all and everything-sustainable. These food containers are great to compliment your food products. These are great to store left-overs in the fridge. Great gift idea to complement food products that are highly perishable. Customers would also praise the brand for committing to a good cause.
We've seen FMCG brands successfully sell out their products by using these food containers to complement their promotions.

Promotional Foldable Backpack
When introducing an on-pack promotional gift, brand managers would also have to plan out the size of the gift. Ideally, we want our products to be as compact as possible, so that it doesn't take up too much shelf space. 

As these bags are versatile, you can customize them to suit your promotions. Bags are marketing managers’ favorite marketing tools because they are versatile, useful, and great for getting your brand message out there. Custom promotional bags add value to your brand because these are something that people use everyday. As such, you should always consider how to make your promotional bag interesting to your customers.

Appreciation Gifts for Healthcare Workers

We love showcasing our lucky ODM Socks. They are so highly utilized, therefore useful to your customers, and also creates brand awareness for your company. It easily complements with most types of products, and easily customized to personalize your brand. 

Interested in manufacturing promotional gifts for your campaign? Contact us here and we will be happy to assist you with your projects. 
Alternatively, we could also discuss on some ideas how we can integrate on-pack promotions into your promotional strategy.


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