Hit the gym with Kellogg’s Vector Promo Gift!

The Kellogg Company is a multinational food manufacturing company that is based in the US. Some of their main production includes your daily breakfast cereal and convenience food such as crackers, cereal bars and etc. Their products are manufactured in more than 17 countries and sold in over 150 countries. Some of their well known brands include Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Pringles and many more.

Kellogg's Vector Promo Gift - Endurance drawstring sackpack

Currently, Kellogg’s is hosting a promotion in Canada for one of its cereal brand, Vector meal replacement. It has collaborated with New Balance, a popular sports apparel brand for their current ongoing promotion! By entering 2 pin codes from any participating Vector meal replacement, customers will be entitled to a free endurance drawstring sackpack!

Why Kellogg’s chose this drawstring sack as a free promo gift?

ODM likes this promotion because it caters a very relevant gift to its target audience. Vector is a cereal brand that targets on health conscious Canadian adults. As such, a drawstring bag like this would definitely be useful especially when customers are out for their work out routine. It is a light and durable bag that is convenient to use. It is also spacious enough to fit a water bottle, sweat towel, shoes, phones and etc. Besides that, the collaboration with New Balance would definitely attract more customers. This is because branded items often perceive a higher value! So needless to say, this promo gift is certainly able to entice customers to purchase Kellogg’s Vector meal replacement.

How New Balance benefit from this exclusive promotion?

This collaboration benefits both parties. As Kellogg’s sale improves, it also improves New Balance’s brand recognition and brand awareness. When the drawstring sack is imprinted with New Balance’s logo and brand name, it will remind Kellogg’s customers of this popular sports apparel. As a result, New Balance also benefit from this opportunity to reach a greater pool of potential customers! 

Chivas boost sales with this luxurious Gift with Purchase!

Chivas is currently offering a luxurious hand luggage as a free gift with purchase. This promotion was spotted in a Singapore Duty Free Store. It is an exclusive promotion that shouldn't be missed! Hand luggage is a perfect bag for travelling! It is especially handy when you do not plan to have a check-in luggage. As such when carrying them up to the planes, hand luggage is certainly more convenient and manageable than those with wheels.

Chivas' Gift with Purchase - hand luggage
This hand luggage has an attractive design that helps to portray the exclusiveness of the brand. Due to its chic design and high feasibility, many would take notice of the luggage when it is being carried around. The embossed logo also helps to improve brand recognition and brand awareness. Besides that, it would also continue to advertise this alcoholic brand even long after customers have received it.

Why did Chivas chose to market their brand with this GWP?

While shopping at any duty free store that sells alcohol, one can always find exclusive offers that revolve around gifts with a high perceived value. As such, you can tell that high end gifts are often preferred by many alcoholic brands when it comes to promotional products. One of the main reasons is to match the standard of the gifts to the taste of their target audience. On the other hand, as alcohol is considered a high end product, brands also try to utilize high end gifts to boost their brand image.

Furthermore, when customers receive such gifts, they will feel happy and satisfied with their purchases and this encourages them to make future purchases. Therefore, promotional products with a high perceived value will definitely not go wrong in this high end market where consumers do have the ability to spend on luxury goods. So to outrun this fierce competition, Chivas is also utilizing high end marketing gifts to increase their competitive advantages.

There are many other high end gifts that you can go for! Check out below for more ideas!

Time magazine attracts subscriber with this gift with subscription!

Time magazine gift with subscription-wash bag
Time magazine is a stimulating read that keeps you informed on world affairs and all issues that affect our life. It features articles that cover all fields and with its concise and unique insights from world-leading journalist, the Time magazine helps readers to develop a global perspective. This time round, with every successful subscription, the Time magazine is offering a wash bag as a free gift with subscription.

Why did Time magazine use a wash bag as a free gift with subscription?

This black wash bag is made with durable faux leather that gives it a high perceived value. As compared to any other plastic made wash bag, this faux leather wash bag is definitely worth the keep. Whenever companies are offering a promotional product, it is always wise to offer products with a high perceive value. In a way it also encourages customers to use it for a very long time. On top of that, products with high durability also help to enhance its existing value.

Besides that, this wash bag has a deep zipped main compartment to hold all toiletries. It is a bag that is spacious enough to fit all your toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser and etc.  No doubt that this gift with subscription will definitely hold a high utility value. So whenever we are on the go, this wash bag certainly comes in handy.


Branding is an important component when it comes to all promotional products. Branding your products will not only improve brand recall but also brand loyalty. Branding can be easily done by adding a simple logo onto the wash bag. So whenever customer uses this wash bag, they will be reminded of the Time magazine. And subconsciously readers will sign on or renew their subscription with the Time Magazine.
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