Saturday 20 July 2013

Chivas boost sales with this luxurious Gift with Purchase!

Chivas is currently offering a luxurious hand luggage as a free gift with purchase. This promotion was spotted in a Singapore Duty Free Store. It is an exclusive promotion that shouldn't be missed! Hand luggage is a perfect bag for travelling! It is especially handy when you do not plan to have a check-in luggage. As such when carrying them up to the planes, hand luggage is certainly more convenient and manageable than those with wheels.

Chivas' Gift with Purchase - hand luggage
This hand luggage has an attractive design that helps to portray the exclusiveness of the brand. Due to its chic design and high feasibility, many would take notice of the luggage when it is being carried around. The embossed logo also helps to improve brand recognition and brand awareness. Besides that, it would also continue to advertise this alcoholic brand even long after customers have received it.

Why did Chivas chose to market their brand with this GWP?

While shopping at any duty free store that sells alcohol, one can always find exclusive offers that revolve around gifts with a high perceived value. As such, you can tell that high end gifts are often preferred by many alcoholic brands when it comes to promotional products. One of the main reasons is to match the standard of the gifts to the taste of their target audience. On the other hand, as alcohol is considered a high end product, brands also try to utilize high end gifts to boost their brand image.

Furthermore, when customers receive such gifts, they will feel happy and satisfied with their purchases and this encourages them to make future purchases. Therefore, promotional products with a high perceived value will definitely not go wrong in this high end market where consumers do have the ability to spend on luxury goods. So to outrun this fierce competition, Chivas is also utilizing high end marketing gifts to increase their competitive advantages.

There are many other high end gifts that you can go for! Check out below for more ideas!

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