Marketing Gifts from China

We're always on the lookout for Marketing Gifts from China.    On the top shelves of 7-11 stores we were impressed by this Gatorade Purchase with Purchase promotion.
Marketing Gifts from China
Marketing Gifts from China
Given that the display is on the top shelf it is quite eye catching and the advert and bag are not hampered by a vertical shelving limit.    The POS display is just a simple black tray to hold some of the bottles to show flavours.  There is an orange backing card holding the advertising message and explaining the purchasing mechanism to trigger this Marketing.

Gatorade is a Sports Energy drink.    Giving away a dedicated Shoe Bag is excellent marketing for a brand so associated with sport.   Think of all the sports with specialist shoes.   Sure most people have simple running shoes for athletics, gym work and group workout classes.   However, you also have specialist football and rugby studs, Golf Spikes, Tennis & Squash indoor runners to name but a few.   Having a shoe bag to keep this kit away from clean bags is very useful and sure to be a winner.

Marketing Gifts from China - Gatorade In Store Promotions.

Gatorade are frequent users of Marketing Gifts from China, and we see lots of promotions in stores.   Here are some of the other examples of this type of promotion we have seen.

Marketing Gifts from China - the mechanism

At ODM we are big fans of the PWP (Purchase with Purchase) promotional products delivery mechanism.   A Gift with Purchase is generally a much lower value item.   PWP allows marketing managers to get much higher end marketing gifts onto the market without breaking the bank.  Buy 2 bottles of Gatorade and spend HK$ 19.90 and you get this sports bag.   That is an additional spend of less than US$ 3/pc. and this should cover the costs of the bag.   Compare this high utility branded marketing gift with a low cost GWP promotion like the lanyard mentioned earlier and I know which one I would choose.

What do you think of this promotion?

Video Games Promotion - Micromania France

If you like video games, you probably know Micromania, the most famous video game retailer in France. Micromania is currently running an in shop gift with purchase promotion.

Micromania GWP in France
The promotion is simple: "Buy Super Smash Bros for 3DS to get a free dog tag", and it works very well. Obviously, people will not buy a game just to get the dog tag but if they were hesitating between one game and another, they will surely go with the one that offers a promogift.

Buy the game to get a free engraved dog tag

It's also a very good way to get collectors buying a game. Collectors are naturally attracted to these kind of gifts, that's why they usually go for the special or collectors edition when a game is released (although it's $50 to $60 extra than the regular version): the goodies make the difference for them.

Some people actually takes videos of themselves opening a Special Edition box and these videos can reach over a million views on YouTube:

If you are interested in video game promotion, you should check out some of the blogs below: 
Contact us if you want us to brainstorm for you on what goodies you should include to your very own collectors edition.

Recipe Book Gift With Purchase

Hendricks are expanding their marketing and brand visibility with more Gifts with Purchase.   Pick up this cocktail recipe book as a Gift With Purchase when you buy a bottle Duty Free in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The POS display is really attractive with space in the cabinet for bottles with their presentation boxes and GWP Cups.   The synthetic grass top and plants tie create an excellent nature theme around the store.   Note cucumbers in the background for use in cocktails.

Recipe Book Gift with Purchase
Recipe Book Gift with Purchase

Hendricks are already gaining great marketing exposure with their duty free promotions as highlighted in our previous blogs. These are still on offer as you can see on picture above. Really like the box set with tea cup and saucer for presenting the cocktails.

Why not send through a gift with purchase case study for inclusion on one of our blogs.
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