Monday 8 September 2014

Video Games Promotion - Micromania France

If you like video games, you probably know Micromania, the most famous video game retailer in France. Micromania is currently running an in shop gift with purchase promotion.

Micromania GWP in France
The promotion is simple: "Buy Super Smash Bros for 3DS to get a free dog tag", and it works very well. Obviously, people will not buy a game just to get the dog tag but if they were hesitating between one game and another, they will surely go with the one that offers a promogift.

Buy the game to get a free engraved dog tag

It's also a very good way to get collectors buying a game. Collectors are naturally attracted to these kind of gifts, that's why they usually go for the special or collectors edition when a game is released (although it's $50 to $60 extra than the regular version): the goodies make the difference for them.

Some people actually takes videos of themselves opening a Special Edition box and these videos can reach over a million views on YouTube:

If you are interested in video game promotion, you should check out some of the blogs below: 
Contact us if you want us to brainstorm for you on what goodies you should include to your very own collectors edition.

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