Friday 31 May 2013

Gift with Purchase has a Huge Impact on Cosmetic Sales!

Nowadays, companies are getting their hands on promotional products like a gift with purchase. This is especially popular in the cosmetic industry. In order to survive in this competitive battlefield, cosmetic brands have to be constantly proactive in their marketing and promotional efforts. Take a look below for Loreal Paris’s free gift with purchase! Farmers new Zealand is currently offering a Loreal Paris’ cosmetic pouch that contains a 4 piece gift pack for the purchase of any of their cosmetic products.

Why should Cosmetic Companies offer a Gift with Purchase?

First of all, ODM is not focusing on their cosmetic products, what attract us the most is Loreal Paris’s classy and elegant cosmetic pouch. This cosmetic pouch is a brilliant gift with purchase for any companies in the cosmetic industry. Cosmetic pouches are a popular marketing gift that has been frequently used by big and small cosmetic brands. So why is it such a popular gift with purchase?

These Free Gift with Purchase boost Sales Revenue

Offering a free gift with purchase to customer is a powerful business strategy that can result in a flood of new and existing customers. This is because people can’t resist the lure of buying something that is free. The word free, is the most powerful word in marketing and has a hypnotic effect on people. Customers would only have to spend a minimum amount and they can bring home such a fabulous cosmetic pouch with free cosmetics in it. Well who could have resisted such a good deal?

Cosmetic Pouch is Highly Customizable – Gift with Purchase

Cosmetic pouches are easy to brand and customize. There are many cosmetic brands that offer free cosmetic as well. So in order to stand out from the crowd, your company needs to showcase how your gift with purchase is different from others. As such, what companies could do is to use creative pouch designs that have the ability to be unique and attractive. Use this as your unique selling point to attract prospects. The difference between your cosmetic pouch and other cosmetic pouches is what needs to be marketed.

A Gift with Purchase put you in touch

Offering a free gift with purchase put your company in touch with prospects and clients. Branded with your logo, these cosmetic pouches provide them with an easy way to become familiar with your brand and through which entices them to make repeated purchases.

Furthermore, customers could even offer this gift with purchase to their family, friends or even colleagues. This helps to advertise and spread the word of this particular cosmetic brand. As a result, a branded cosmetic pouch would certainly be able to boost brand recognition and improve cosmetic sales.

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