Thursday 23 May 2013

Stay exclusive with this high end pen series!

Keeping your brand name in front of your customers and prospects is critical to growing your business. Your company has to find ways to make it easy for your customers to remember you and reach out to you. A powerful and cost-effective way to gain this benefit is through the use of a promotional gifts and product! For instance, offering a promotional pen as a gift along with a heartfelt message can increase chances that your client will call you back by as much as 55 percent. So here is a case study on the Time Magazine’s promotional gift strategy. Today, we will explore and explain how companies could adopt and implement this exclusive promotional idea.
Exclusive high end pen gift
The Time magazine is currently having a special offer to all subscriptions made in the UK. With every successful application, subscribers will receive a Time Executive Pen Set that contains a ballpoint pen and propelling pencil that comes in a smart metal gift box. This magazine keeps readers well informed on world affairs and issues that vary from political struggles to scientific breakthroughs. It is an insightful and stimulating read that helps readers to develop a truly global perspective.

Want to know why the Time magazine has utilized an executive pen set as a promotional gift, well read on to find out more!

Cater to your target market

First and foremost, before companies select a promotional gift, they should also always identify their target market. Understand your customer dynamics and the gifts that will suit their needs. For example, the Time Magazine’s target audience is most likely to be middle aged working class men and women. As such a high end executive pen set would definitely fit their needs and appetite.

A pen and pencil is the most commonly used stationery, thus it is definitely a gift that holds a high utility value. A gift like this will ensure that the customers will use it on a regular basis. And this in turns constantly keep their brand name in front of their customers.

However, the Time magazine did not use any other ordinary promotional pen. The main focus of this gift is its value of being a high end pen. It has a high perceived value that makes it a classy and exclusive gift. Furthermore, the packaging of the gift matters a lot as well! It is the first layer that customer comes in contact with. And as a matter of fact, it is the first impression that the customers will have on this gift. As such, the gift needs to portray its exclusivity inside out.

So what kind of companies could adopt this high end gift?

Well if your company is in the corporate level, this gift is an ideal choice for your clients. On top of that, companies with products that cater to high end customers could also utilize this exclusive gift. To aid you in this premium gift idea, ODM has a presentation on high end pens that could offer you more choices! Here is a glimpse of this high end pen series.

If you would like to receive our presentation on this high end pen gift series, contact us today!

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