Tuesday 20 August 2013

A stylish and sophisticated Marketing Gift for all Men

Bags are definitely one of the more popular options when it comes to a marketing gift. Reason being bags are useful and of great value. Here we see Lords and Taylors giving away a free Calvin Klein Eternity men’s duffle bag with the purchase of a large Eternity men’s fragrance spray. This is definitely an exclusive offer that one shouldn’t miss! An offer like this is a good buy as duffle bags generally perceive a higher value than any other ordinary bags. So get yours today, while stock last!
Marketing Gift - Duffle Bag

How may this Marketing Gift attract more sales?

Firstly, a good bag design is always a good start. It is a common trait for consumers to go after items that are functional and look good at the same time. Using this advantage, it would be easy to attract sales when your company knows how to beautify your marketing gift. Take for example; Calvin Klein’s duffle bag has a very stylish and sophisticated design. It is suitable for guys who want to look cool and create their own fashion statement.

This duffle bag uses its stylish design to provoke interest and curiosity. And ultimately, it would attract customers and generate sales for the company. Besides its high perceived value, this duffle bag also possesses a high utility value. It is big and spacious enough to fit any large and bulky items.

The embossed Calvin Klein logo makes it an even more attractive marketing gift. Who wouldn’t want to receive a branded bag that is free of charge? When branded with Calvin Klein’s brand name, this would also increase their brand awareness. Branding your marketing gift would also increase brand recall and facilitate advertising. When consumers remember your brand, they would make repeated purchases and this would drive sales and revenue for both Calvin Klein and Lord and Taylors. 

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