Thursday 15 August 2013

Cosmetic Pouch Gift with Purchase by Estee Lauder

Lord and Taylors is offering a free cosmetic pouch for any Estee Lauder purchase of $45 or more. This cosmetic pouch is a great promotional product for any cosmetic brand. Customers can use it regularly to store all their cosmetics and accessories. Read on to find out how this cosmetic pouch can be used as an effective gift with purchase.

Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase - Cosmetic Pouch

Why is this cosmetic pouch used as a free Gift with Purchase?

This cosmetic pouch is said to be a very practical gift for all ladies. Customers can use it on a daily basis especially when they have to be constantly on the go.  It can be used to store make up for touch up or travelling purposes. This cosmetic pouch also comes in a very compact size that fits perfectly in any hand carrier. It is a convenient and portable pouch that customers would appreciate and use regularly.

Also, the exterior of the cosmetic pouch is designed with a very attractive pattern. Instead of using it as a cosmetic pouch, customers can also use it as a clutch to store all their personal belongings. It can be carried out for all occasion as customers will not have to shy away from its trendy and chic design.

How can this cosmetic pouch improve sales?

Customers feel happy when they receive something for free. As such by offering a branded cosmetic pouch, this gift with purchase would entice customers to buy more Estee Lauder products for a free cosmetic pouch.

Besides that, the zipper of the cosmetic pouch has been branded with Estee Lauder’s brand logo. This would serve as a constant reminder that increases brand recall. Customers would be reminded of Estee Lauder as they would see this logo whenever they open or close the pouch. Thus, branding is definitely an inexpensive way to build up your brand loyalty and increase sales for the company in the time to come. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with your own cosmetic pouch today!

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