Friday 9 August 2013

Stay cool with Milo’s Easy Cool custom bottle promotion!

Milo is a chocolate and malt beverage that is popular in many parts of the world. Produced by Nestle, it was originally developed in Australia. And now this delicious drink is being marketed and sold in many countries around the world. Nestle Singapore is currently offering a free shaker bottle with every purchase of Milo Easy Cool! This custom bottle is an exclusive August promotion that could be found at any Singapore NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold storage and selected provision shops. So hurry up and get yours today!
Milo custom bottle promotion - Easy Cool Shaker bottle

How Milo increase sales with this custom bottle?

First of all, this custom shaker bottle is a very relevant promotional product. Milo has utilized a promotional gift that can be put in use with their Easy Cool product. Since Easy Cool allows you to make Milo with cold water, a plastic shaker bottle is definitely applicable for cold drinks!

In addition to that, this custom bottle is also very convenient. For instance, instead of using a spoon to dissolve the powder a shaker bottle allows one to just shake the bottle and your drink is well mixed. Besides that, it also makes drinking Milo even more fun and interactive! Therefore, while looking for a promotional product try to find something that can best bring out your product.

Customize your own shaker bottle!

Bottles are highly customizable. You can design it in any way you want and add in any other features to increase its functional values. The bottles can be customize after all your branding needs and desire as well. Adding your logo onto the bottles would improve brand recall and brand recognition. For example, Milo has imprinted their logo and utilized their brand colour, green in this shaker bottle. These little elements serve as a constant reminder that will continue to advertise Milo even long after it has been received. So whenever customers are about to use this custom bottle, the logo and brand color would immediately remind them of Milo. As such, this would encourage them to make a repurchase of Milo’s products. So start customizing your own bottle today!

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