Wednesday 28 August 2013

Shiseido stands out with their exotic Marketing Gift!

Shiseido is a major Japanese hair care and cosmetic producer. It is one of the most popular cosmetic brands around the world. This time round with every purchase of two or more skincare products, customers will stand to receive an exclusive cosmetic bag as a free marketing gift! So hurry up and get yours today, while stocks last!

Shiseido Marketing Gift - Cosmetic Pouch

Cosmetic pouch is an evergreen marketing gift!

Cosmetic pouches have never ceased to be one of the top favorite marketing gifts of all time. Regardless of the company size or brand, almost all cosmetic brands would have given away a cosmetic pouch for at least once in their entire business operation. It is a perfect marketing gift that could best represent their cosmetic business and products. When companies offer a cosmetic pouch, customers could easily connect the dots and link that specific brand to a cosmetic business. This forms a lasting connection that helps to build brand awareness and boost brand recall!

How to attract sales with this marketing gift?

First of all, companies should always come up with an attractive design to provoke interest and attention. For instance, Shiseido has come up with a very chic and exotic looking cosmetic pouch. This pouch has utilized a crocodile skin-like material to give it a very classy and trendy look. The overall bronze colour also gives it a higher perceived value than any other ordinary cosmetic pouch. On top of that, this marketing gift would also work well as a clutch bag. With its chic design, it is suitable for almost all occasion. Therefore, product appearance is definitely one of the most important elements when it comes to a marketing gift. Companies should utilize designs that will appeal to women and encourage them to make purchase. Ultimately, it would definitely boost sales and revenue.

Check out below for more cosmetic pouches!

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