Friday 8 August 2014

An overlooked promotional gift...Pure Joy !

Break the mold of the mundane with this promotional gift! Get your client giddy with this nostalgic slinky toy.

Features of Promotional gift

The slinky product is a well known toy, whose sole purpose is to provide enjoyment. The slinky toy is colorful and bright, however can come in various colors including monotone. It can also be branded with your company logo to raise brand awareness.Can also come in various shapes and sizes.

Marketing strategies for this Promotional Gift

The slinky is durable so is likely to be stored by the user. The promotional gift may be on display and will be a constant reminder of your brand. This gift can also induce feelings of nostalgia in the user. Due to it being a toy from their childhood. When nostalgia is used as a marketing tool it can be very effective in influencing buyer decision. The slinky may also be given to a child. If the child plays with the toy and recognizes the logo. In future they may be more inclined to buy from you as a company.

Why choose the slinky as a Promotional Gift?

Well the majority of promotional gifts nowadays are too focused on being functional. I believe there is a gap in the market for providing promotional gifts that are simply for the enjoyment of clients. 

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