Thursday 13 November 2014

Cosmetics On-Pack Promo spotted at Cosmoprof Asia 2014

We visited the Cosmoprof Asia 2014 (international cosmetics fair) in Hong Kong this week. We were happily checking what was new on the cosmetics market this year when we spotted this very nice cosmetics on-pack promo.

Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Asia 2014
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Asia 2014

This cosmetics on-pack promo includes a pen, a leather cosmetic pouch (filled with Farma Dermis products) and a mini 2015 calendar.

We liked:
  • The debossed logo on the cosmetic pouch (increasing the perceived value of the gift)
  • The pen style, really targeting women with the golden little chain.
  • The nice cardboard box, we believe that the packaging is almost as important as the gift itself.
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Hong Kong 2014
Cosmetics On Pack Promo - COSMOPROF Hong Kong 2014

The calendar is not very linked to Farma Dermis' line of products which may surprise a few clients at first, they would wonder why they included such a gift into a cosmetics on-pack promo. But when you think about it, a calendar, if ever used by the client, will last for a year which ensure long term visibility. It may not be such a bad idea after all...

If you need some help with your next cosmetics on-pack promo or marketing gifts campaign, we recommend you check out this great blog: TOP 100 ideas for cosmetic companies.

Feel free to contact us if you want some more ideas (or a quotation!). Sometimes, you can really boost your sales just by choosing the right promo gift...

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