Tuesday 2 December 2014

Colgate Promotion with Chocolate Rain - Toothpaste Marketing

Check out this Colgate Promotion with Chocolate Rain licensed characters.  This picture was taken in Park N Shop HK stores and shows the presentation mid alley for this toothpaste marketing promotion. There is no POS display to set up making this a simple "instant marketing" exercise with low barrier to entry or customization by store.  
Colgate Promotion with Chocolate Rain - Toothpaste Marketing
Colgate Promotion with Chocolate Rain
Given that the brown cardboard boxes have no branding it is very important for the brand managers to use brightly coloured and self explanatory imagery to make clients pick this up.   Colgate do a good job with strong red packaging and see through window which shows off the in-store gift with purchase.

We feel that the marketing might be boosted by using a fun message on the outside of the shipping cartons since they are on display and blank cardboard certainly is a missed opportunity for advertising in-store.   ODM explains what is usually used for Shipping marks on this blog.

Hong Kong certainly has its fair share of Toothpaste Marketing Products.  (63 blogs as of today)   We have blogged about these in quite a lot of detail and are keen to hear from readers about anything happening in their markets.  

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