Friday 24 April 2015

Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder

This product is a cute cartoon tooth brush holder which is multi-functional. If you are looking for a marketing gift targeting younger audience, you can keep this tooth brush holder in mind!

 Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder 

Your target audience will find this gift attractive because:
  • The cartoon design is quirky and attractive. 
  • It is multi-functional where you can remove the top cap and use it as rinsing cup. Users can keep their tooth paste and tooth brushes inside the holder.
  • It is convenient for travelling.
  • You can use it keep other items such as stationary or sunglasses 
  • For younger audience, they can collect the cartoon tooth brush holder and play with it as toys.

 Cute Cartoon Tooth Brush Holder 
Benefits of cute cartoon toothbrush holder as marketing gift:

  • Your customers will make an impulse purchase as they are attracted to the gift. Thus, leading to increase sales and revenue!
  • The plastic material is FDA approved and cheap to produce. It is ideal for low cost advertising and marketing campaign.
  • You can customize branding with your company logo on the cup holder. It has a sufficiently large surface area for branding purposes. With that, your customers will constantly be exposed to your brand and retained in their memory.
  • Customers will feel delighted with the gift and will choose your product if price point is similar to your competitors. The additional gift will stretch their dollar if they have to pay the same price for the same product.

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