Wednesday 22 April 2015

Mother's Day Jewelry Travel Case

This promotional jewelry case stems from Pandora USA marketing campaign for mother's day. Their customers are eligible for a free jewelry travel case worth US$250 with purchase of US$200 on their selected charm bracelets.
Mother's Day Jewelry Travel Case
This marketing gift is aesthetically appealing and comes in handy for customers to keep their jewelry. The travel case helps to preserve and protect the expensive product . It can be reused for many occasions and last for a very long time. Customers will be happy to receive this marketing gift as the retail value of the travel case is higher than their required minimum purchase.

Your company can consider using a jewelry travel case as a gift for your next marketing campaign. You can customize it by choosing the type of materials for the case. Also, materials such as leather or metal will give it a higher-end finish. Besides, your company's  logo and slogan can be engraved or embossed on the travel case. The large and  flat branding area of the case  will undoubtedly increase brand awareness Customers are very likely to remember your brand name when seeing it on the case.

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