Tuesday 21 April 2015

USB Cuff Links as Giveaway

Offering an innovative gift is often helpful in boosting your marketing campaign. Cuff links that are customized can add a personal touch to one's style. Here's a new premier cuff link collection that doubles as a USB flash drive for storing documents.

USB cuff links
A unique gift to your customers will make your company more memorable. This attractive giveaway will definitely impress current and potential customers. Thus, capturing attention for your marketing campaign.

When you look at the USB cuff links, the silver finish on the metal appears high end and luxurious. You can choose a different color finish such as gold or gunmetal to be crafted on the metal base. Engraving your company logo adds a touch of simplicity to the gleaming design. Customers will find this giveaway unique as it comes in handy for storing data and as an accessory.

The USB cuff links conceals a mini router which allow users to use their personal Wi-Fi from their smartphones and other wireless devices. Software can be downloaded by plugging the cuff link into the computer's USB port. Your customers can now store data and not lose their USB easily!

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