Monday 20 April 2015

Promotional Event Gift - Letter Pouch & Ecobag

Innisfree have been running a marketing campaign called the Green Event party. Innisfree is a South Korean company selling eco-friendly beauty products. They have been consistently running green campaigns such as recycling and educating youth.

In conjunction with their online store opening, the company is giving away free letter pouch and ecobags for their customers.
Letter pouch as promotional gift
Reusable bags are an ideal gift for customers who support the company's philosophy in eco-friendliness. Since they are actively running green campaign, the marketing gift will encourage customers to go green as well. Innisfree is showing their effort  consistently in protecting the environment. Such high corporate responsibility will impress current and potential customers.

Ecobag and card wallet as promotional gift

The promotion gifts to customers are highly practical since the bag is reusable. 35 countries have already banned the use of plastic bags and 9 countries are charging shoppers for bags. By giving environment friendly gifts such as the letter pouch and ecobag will impress your target market.It will change other's behavior by being environmentally conscious.

Branding eco friendly bags & pouch as marketing gifts
Your company logo will be seen by your customers and other people when they carry the gift around. A high brand exposure will  benefit your company in promoting the brand. The large surface area of the bag offers a sufficient branding platform of your logo.  Since the bag is re-usable and can be used for a long time, this allows more customers to come by in the long run. With constant exposure, customers will subconsciously remember your brand and think of you for their next purchase.Branding eco-friendly bags and pouches is an inexpensive promo to be conducted.

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