Wednesday 15 April 2015

Wireless charging pads- Samsung

Samsung released 2 new smartphones early this year for the US market. Best Buy, one of the largest electronic retailer is taking advantage of the release by offering pre-order deals to customers. Best Buy teamed up with mobile carrier T-mobile in offering a free wireless charging pad as a promotional deal. Since every electronic device needs a charger, this is an excellent marketing gift  for a smartphone user. The wireless charging pad is retailing at US$59.99 and such significant deal may entice customers in ordering from Best Buy.

Wireless charging pads as marketing gifts

As you can see, the wireless charging pads are complementing accessories to the smartphone. Your customers can carry this around as it is extremely light and portable.  The sleek and relatively thin design makes it desirable by reducing the need of cable and bulky chargers.

Wireless charging pads

The wireless charging pad can be used in your marketing campaign as it is highly customizable. The colors can be pantone match to your company's theme and logos can be printed on the large, flat and highly visible area .This will increase brand visibility and awareness when given away to your customers. In addition, different types of packaging  can be selected to give certain impressions.You can package it as a high-end giveaway to impress your customers.

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