Tuesday 14 April 2015

Slip on Silicon Spout

Impress your customers with a slip on silicon spout! How will this marketing gift create brand awareness and promote your brand? It is ideal for companies selling home and kitchen appliances as customers will be happy to receive this ingenious spout. Your customers will use them constantly since it is associated with your brand and products you are selling. In your marketing campaign, you can include this as a give away to new customers or PWP (purchase with purchase).

Slip on Silicon Spout
Benefits of this marketing gift to your company:
  • The silicon spout can be customized by printing your company name and logo. Thus increasing brand awareness and visibility.
  • Though the shape cannot be changed, the color can be customized to your company's theme.
  • The silicon is inexpensive and your promotional campaign can be run cheaply.
  • The material can withstand high heat and is safe to be used with hot ingredients.
  • It is an investment in promoting your company when giving it away at trade shows or other forms of marketing event.
We love this product because :
  • It is light weight and durable which makes it easier to carry.
  • It is easy to use as it spout attaches to any thin lipped container.
  • It takes less effort in cleaning.
  • It can be used with hot food and liquid.
  • It is available in different color.
What do you think of this item?

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