Wednesday 8 April 2015

Panda Odor Deodorizer

Colgate Malaysia is launching a new toothpaste called the Colgate Total 12 Charcoal Deep Clean and is giving away a panda odor deodorizer as a gift. 

Panda odor deodorizer
The panda looks adorable compared to a regular plastic deodorizer as it is a plush toy with charcoal embedded. The gift is related to the new toothpaste with a coherent theme as both contains charcoal and removes unpleasant smell.  Since this is a new product, the gift with purchase will enhance sales prospects of the toothpaste. This lovely looking panda is memorable and highly beneficial for a marketing campaign to trigger an impulse purchase.

By running a similar marketing strategy in promoting a new product, you may create a collection of animal deodorizer by appealing to shoppers.It will maximize your promotional efforts without spending a huge amount of money in organizing a launch event since the gift is inexpensive. In addition, consumers will find the satisfaction in stretching their dollar. Remaining consistency in your marketing strategy will indicate which program works for you. This will allow you to measure your results and implement new strategies effectively.

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