Monday 27 April 2015

Frozen merchandise, 7-Eleven Hong Kong

A purchase with purchase (PWP) campaign was spotted at 7-Eleven Hong Kong using Frozen merchandise. 7-Eleven offered  a range of items such as Frozen plush toys, table lamps, watches, plastic files and canvas totes. They are riding on Frozen's popularity in selling the items. Your company can consider using multiple marketing gifts for your GWP or PWP campaigns as done by 7-Eleven.

In using multiple gifts, you can target various customers of different interest. If  you are offering only one item, a table lamp as PWP for example, you are targeting a smaller group that might be interested. Your customer may not be motivated to pay extra for the table lamp if they do not see a value in it. By offering multiple products, customers have a range of choice in choosing something they like. You can offer products ranging from high-end/premium gifts, to lower-end novelty gifts. As seen from the 7-Eleven campaign,  shoppers that are interested with the watch can choose to pay HK$168, else they can opt for cheaper items  like cotton buds for HK$6.Items such as table lamps, canvas totes and plush toys are ideal for branding as well. You can customize the products by using your company color and logos.

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