Wednesday 10 June 2015

Derbyshire Life Magazine Father's Day Gift

Derbyshire Life magazine is offering a free thermal mug for Father's Day promotion. Subscriber who purchased their magazines via direct debit will receive the free item.

Derbyshire Life Magazine Father's Day Gift

What are the benefits of marketing gifts to customers?

The marketing gift will be an incentive for your customers to pay attention to your service or product. It will make them think twice if the gift is valuable for them to make a purchase.You can offer a marketing gift and customize it by branding with your logo. The thermal mug seen from the image above have various method of customization. Logo, images, brand name or any other messages can be printed on the outer surface area. It can even be embossed  as another option.

Besides, different colors can be chosen to suit your marketing theme or company color. You can provide a pantone code number so that color can be matched for branding consistency. Colors do play an important role so that customers can associate marketing gift to your company. Thus, allowing them to think of your company when they need to make a purchase.

The thermal mug as marketing gift will bring benefits such as increase in short term sales and increase in brand awareness. Since thermal mug is a functional item, it will be used frequently and not thrown away by your customers.

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