Wednesday 10 June 2015

Amore Pacific Exclusive Beauty Offers!

Amore Pacific, a skin care company is offering 2 exclusive goods for their  gift with purchase promotion. Client who purchase US$300 of products will receive an exclusive Summer tote filled with samples, and a luxe beach mat with purchase of US$500.

Amore Pacific Exclusive Beauty Offers!
Since it is Summer, Amore Pacific customized the tote design so it looks ready to be brought to the beach! The bamboo weaved tote and luxe beach mat fits their theme of using natural ingredients (bamboo, red ginseng, etc.) in their products as well. This promotional gift stands out among competitors who offers canvas printed totes, silk or hard cased beauty pouches.  The difference in material will attract potential customers to be aware of their brand.
Amore Pacific Exclusive Beauty Offers!

How to customize promotional items for your campaign?

If you are planning to offer totes and beach mats, you can customize design of items  such as - color, material, shape and size. Company logo, brand name and messages can be printed on the promo items you are offering. This increase brand awareness when logo can be seen by many. Besides, company color can be pantone match to ensure consistency in branding. Customization will allow you to stand out from your competitors and create an incentive to purchase your product.

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