Monday 8 June 2015

Free Ring Sizer by Blue Nile

Blue Nile, an online retailer selling certified diamonds and fine jewelry is giving away free ring sizers. Online visitors can request for the free ring sizer by submitting their contact information. The company will mail the gift to prospective client's doorstep for free, or they can pay US$15 for overnight  delivery services.

This free marketing gift will benefit both clients and company. Given Blue Nile's  virtual business model , it is important to get the correct ring size for such an expensive and meaningful purchase. When their client ordered the diamond ring in the correct size, they will be satisfied and overall happy with purchase from Blue Nile. Otherwise, they have to make returns via mail for a new ring or multiple changes in getting the correct fit. The company will face risk in negative review when clients are not satisfied with the service and head to competitors with retail stores. Therefore, the free ring sizer is actually an investment in prospecting clients and assuring client's satisfaction. Blue Nile can gain the trust and loyalty of clients by providing a simple solution, which is the free ring sizer.

If you have a similar business model as Blue Nile, you can offer the free ring sizer to gain more clients.Since material is plastic, you can choose different colors to pantone match to company color. Branding can be done by embossing or printing logo on the flat large surface area. The visibility of your brand will increase brand awareness and exposure.

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