Friday 5 June 2015

Innovative Silicon Tea Infuser as Marketing GIft

Looking for innovative  gifts for your client? You can customize unique silicon tea infuser using creative designs. Images below shows different designs you can use for the silicon tea infuser.

Innovative Silicon Tea Infuser as Marketing Gift
In this example, we have a scuba diver shaped infuser. It has a fun element as user can pretend that the scuba diver is diving into the glass of hot tea. The innovative silicon tea infuser will capture peoples attention as it is not your usual tea infuser.

Innovative Silicon Tea Infuser as Marketing Gift

Why customize silicon tea infuser?

When you customize the tea infuser, you have a competitive advantage as your gift is much more appealing than your competitors. Customers or potential customers who saw the creatively customized gift will be attracted to your brand and incentivized them to purchase from you. This leads to increase in sales and growth in profit. When your marketing gift is attractive and functional, you can expect your customers to use the silicon tea infuser frequently.

Innovative Silicon Tea Infuser as Marketing Gift

How can you customize the silicon tea infuser?

Firsty, you can choose the size and shape of the tea infuser. Since material is silicon, a mould can be set up to form the shape of your design. Multiple innovative shapes can be created using the silicon mould. Also, you can choose many different colors, or even pantone match company color on the silicon tea infuser. Offering multiple colors to customers might attract them to purchase more in attempt to collect all colors. You can even print on the silicon material such as brand name and logo to increase brand exposure! Logo can be placed on a highly visible area depending on  your customized design. Since visibility and exposure increase, brand awareness will be spread to a larger target audience for people to recognize your brand.

Innovative Silicon Tea Infuser as Marketing Gift

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