Monday 15 June 2015

Innisfree Eco-Friendly Handkerchief Gift

Innisfree's recent promotional campaign offers a  free eco-friendly handkerchief as a gift to clients. Their promotional gifts usually aligns with their company image of pursuing eco-friendliness and preserving the nature. Their consistency in eco-friendly branding has gain a huge following and loyalty from fans of their product.

Innisfree Eco-Friendly Handkerchief Gift

If you are planning for a promotional campaign using eco-friendly handkerchief, you can choose different colors to customize designs. Company colors can be pantone matched for branding consistency. Besides, brand name and logo and can be printed on the handkerchief. The visibility of your messages will increase exposure and brand awareness. When brand awareness increase, customers will recall your brand easily and make future purchase from you.

Innisfree Eco-Friendly Handkerchief Gift
To help customer see a value in the eco-friendly hankerchief, you can educate your customers on how to use the marketing gift. For example; the gift can be used as a head scarf, decoration on the handbag/bike or as a sarong bag wrapping.

Innisfree Eco-Friendly Handkerchief Gift

With this gift, customers will remember your company and strengthens the image/messages you are trying to send with your. A positive company image will retain and attract a larger customer base, which increases potential long term sales.

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