Tuesday 16 June 2015

JBL Headphones Bonus Inflight Gift

Qantas international inflight shopping has various items for sale. One of the promotions shown in thier magazine is a free travel pouch with the purchase of JBL's headphones.

JBL Headphones Bonus Inflight Gift

Why offer travel pouch as free gift for headphones?

The travel pouch is a complementary product of the headphone as it acts as a storage case. The pouch can keep the headphones in good condition and a convenient for travelers to pack and carry around. Customers will appreciate the gift as they do not have to splurge extra for a travel pouch or have their headphones tangled up when kept in their bags or pockets. The free travel pouch provides an incentive to purchase and the perceived value  of  JBL's  headphone is higher. The motivation and desire to purchase will increase short term sales and your brand associated in a positive light.

By offering a travel pouch, you can brand the gift with your company name and logo. There are various options to customize branding such as:
  • design: targeted to gender-specific or age-specific market such as children. You can print images that suit your campaign.
  • size: small, medium or large size that fits your product
  • color: pantone match to company color  for branding consistency, or general unisex color
  • material: cotton, satin, nylon or other materials that fit your budget.
Last but not least, the gift will shed a favorable light and grab potential customers' attention in learning about your promotion.

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