Thursday 18 June 2015

Exclusive Marketing Gift by Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon is giving away a leather case, micro USB cable and leather strap for Qantas in-flight shopping. Customers will obtain them for free with purchase of Harman Kardon's bluetooth speaker

Exclusive Marketing Gift by Harman Kardo

Why bundle marketing gifts for your campaign?

The multiple items as gift with purchase (GWP) will increase perceived value of the promotion. Customers or prospective customers will find the deal worthwhile as they will be receiving more than one gift for free. The bundled goods are definitely an incentive to make a purchase and open paths in discovering actual product and brand. 

The leather case, USB cable and leather strap are complementary goods which can be used with the speaker. Customers will feel appreciated as company offers such gifts to them, where they do not have to purchase additional accessories. This strategy will lead to positive association between goods and brand. Thus, increasing customer  base and strengthens customer loyalty which leads to long term sales.

How to customize leather case, micro USB cable and leather strap?

There are various ways to personalize marketing gifts offered to your customers. Depending on your budget, you can decide on cheaper materials such as plastic, canvas, satin, silicon, PU or genuine leather for the case. Different materials will portray your gift differently. For example, leather gives  the high-end luxury vibe whereas plastic seems low-end and easily broken.

Besides material, you can choose different colors or pantone match selected colors. The pantone color matching are usually used for branding consistency so that all merchandise have same color. Then customers,employees and the public can recognize the color easily. We can look at McDonald's and Starbucks worldwide  where their business uses the same pantone color so they are recognizable as the same company/brand. 

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