Thursday 25 June 2015

Haig Club Exclusive Promotional Hip Flask

Haig Club in-flight promotion for Qantas airline is offering a hip flask for free. The gift is exclusive with purchase of two bottles of whisky.

Haig Club Exclusive Promotional Hip Flask

What is a hip flask?

A hip flask is used to store spirits such as whisky, vodka and rum. They are mostly used to store and beverage still drinkable when carried outdoors. Customers of Haig Club whisky can transfer a certain amount from the main bottle to the hip flask.

Why use hip flask as marketing gift?

Hip flask  is a suitable promotional gift as it's a complementary product of the whisky. As mentioned earlier, customers can transfer the alcohol into the flask, and brought outdoors. The hip flask can be customize to meet your branding and campaign needs.

Firstly, you  can choose durable materials such as stainless steel that can have different surface finished on the flask. For example; rose gold , silver or rustic copper finished.. Besides, you can laser engraved your company logo, name or message on the wide large surface area of the flask. With that, brand visibility increases as logo can be seen by many. This greatly improves brand exposure which eventually heightens brand awareness.

Besides engraving on the hip flask, print other designs as well. Customization of the hip flask will definitely make you stand out from competitors and give the item an identity.When you customize the flask with your unique designs, customers or prospective customers will recall your brand easily.

Last but not least, the hip flask is seen as a high-end item which provides a subtle incentive for impulse purchase. This incentive marketing gift will promote your brand and increase sales profit.

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