Friday 26 June 2015

Neoprene Wetsuit Mat as Marketing Gift

SurfStitch an online clothing store is giving away neoprene wetsuit mat for free. The promotion is valid only when shoppers enter the promo code during checkout.

 Neoprene Wetsuit Mat as Marketing Gift

Why use neoprene wetsuit mat as marketing gift?

In this case study, the neoprene wetsuit mat is suitable for SurfStitch as they are selling surf related fashion and products. The neoprene wetsuit mat will be useful to their target market as it can be used outdoors on the beach. The mat ensure one's foot is clean and less slippery while changing out of a wet clothing.

If your target market is similar to SurfStitch, or you are organizing an event specific campaign, you can consider customizing the wetsuit as marketing gift.

How to customize the neoprene wetsuit?

Firstly, you can choose different colors to customize the material. Company colors can be pantone match to achieve consistent  branding among marketing premiums. In addition, you can increase brand visibility and awareness by printing company logo on the neoprene mat. Just choose a suitable placement and logo size that will expose your brand name. When brand message is constantly repeated, customers will easily recall your company when in need to make future purchase. This will help you retain and build a loyal customer base.

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