Wednesday 24 June 2015

Promotional Thumb Socks for Safety Campaign is a global organization for youths to make a difference in society. Their recent campaign, Thumb Wars is to prevent the habit of texting while driving. They are encouraging the public and youths to order 2 pair of thumb socks which are given for free. Youths or students who ordered the thumb socks will stand a chance to win US$10,000 scholarship.

Promotional Thumb Socks for Safety Campaign

Why use Thumb Socks as marketing gift or promotional items?

It's a quirky item which is trendy and easily slipped on. The thumb socks can be customize to spread your promotional messages as seen from the campaign above. This campaign utilizes the thumb socks as a tool to spread "stop texting while driving" messages- where youths take pictures of themselves and spread it through social media. You can do the same with your own customized thumb socks.

By customizing the thumb socks, it will provide an identity linked to your campaign  such as pantone matching company color for consistent branding. Your thumb socks will definitely stand out if you choose to customize designs and color. 

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