Tuesday 28 July 2015

Japanese Magazine's Promotional Cover Mounts

If you have spent any time in Japan, you would have noticed the promotional cover mounts that grasp the magazines. These cover mounts offer a gift with purchase, and can vary from items of clothing to wallets or purses. 
Japanese Magazine's Promotional Cover Mounts
The promotional cover mount approach to advertising is unique and clever. Due to the rise of digital media (e.g. smart phones), the printing industry is losing it's market share and sales are falling. Therefore for a magazine business to thrive and continue to be profitable, they need to capture their audience's attention. By offering a gift with purchase, the magazine MonoMax hopes to target their specific demographic, in this case by offering a leather wallet, professional males.

Japanese Magazine's Promotional Cover Mounts
As can be seen, the gift with purchase is strongly featured on the advertising of the magazine, and the cover mount is instantly recognizable. By being so clear with their advertising of the gift with purchase, customers are much more likely to choose their product over competitors. Also by choosing to encapsulate the wallet in a cover mount, as opposed to a plastic sleeve, customers will realize instantly that their is a gift with purchase without having to read the offer first. 

With the printing industry in decline, magazine producers have to try new and unique approaches to advertising in order to gain new customers, as well as retain existing customers. This shows the importance of a well thought out and targeted promotional gift campaign, if a campaign is too quiet or subtle then customers are much more likely to either miss it or ignore it. 

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