Friday 7 August 2015

Red Bull offering promotional USB flash drive

Red Bull is famous for supporting several sport events, especially extreme sports. Surfing and snowboarding are part of their sponsoring, too. Just now, Red Bull is doing a campaign at Walmart connected to their snowboarding and surfing support.
Red Bull offering promotional USB flash drive 
When buying 24 cans of Red Bull, you get a 8 GB flash drive called "SnowDrive" shaped like a snowboard or the "SurfDrive" shaped like a surfboard.

Red Bull offering promotional USB flash drive 
Promoting with a flash drive is great way to increase you brands awareness. They offer a big branding area to print your logo or your product on it. Furthermore they are very useful and the costumer will often handle with a USB flash drive. This increases the promotional power of flash drives even more. 
An other big benefit of this promotional action is that the company still earns money selling 24 cans of their energy drink. 

Promotional products are a good way to get more attention for your campaign, your company's anniversary or your brand in general. There is a wide range of promotional products where you can print your logo on.

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