Friday 7 August 2015

Squeezy Minion at faith campaign

The Minions are little, yellow guys and they are very popular at the moment because of the illustrated movie "Despicable me". In the movie, they used to say "banana" when they are hungry. So these little yellow guys are safely a great way to promote bananas.
Chiquita provides bananas and thought exactly that way and decided to do a campaign with these Minions to promote their brand and their bananas.

Chiquita offering free crease Minion at faith campaign
In this campaign, the costumer has to buy Chiquita bananas worth 4€ or more to get one of three different squeezy Minions.
Chiquita offering free crease Minion at faith campaign
A big benefit of this campaign is that the company first earns money by selling bananas worth 4€ before give away the minion as marketing gift.

This isn't the first minion marketing we have noticed. If you are interested in minion marketing campaigns, then check out some of our represented minion marketing products: 
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