Saturday 8 August 2015

Free Beach Themed Gift Bag From Uber NYC

Uber, the taxi pickup app, has been offering a promotional free beach themed gift bag for customers using the service in New York. To gain this promotional giveaway is as simple as opening the Uber app in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens between 11am and 2pm, entering the promo code BEACHBAG, and requesting BEACH BAG to your location.
Free Beach Themed Gift Bag From Uber NYC
Included within this gift bag are, Triwa sunglasses, Molami headphones, SkinCeuticals products, and an $100 gift card towards the purchase of M.GEMI sandals. These fantastic offers, of course are limited and customers will be expected to have to be requesting at 11am sharp.

In the past Uber has run some fantastically original and interesting promos for customers, including giving away ice cream, delivering flu shots and delivering fashion gift bags, all for free when using the Uber service.

This is a great example of the kind of marketing that will lead to customer retention as well as greater brand awareness. Taxi companies and the Taxi industry is in trouble, if it does not modernize it will be relegated to history. Uber is carving out it's market share and interest in the perfect way, offering customers free promotional items. It may only be a short term marketing idea, but in the long run it will pay off in a huge way.

Please see below for other examples of giftbags helping increase brand awareness and customer retention:

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