Friday 18 September 2015

"Beauty to go" Giftset by Estée Lauder

A very popular way to use promotional products is as gift with purchase. A gift with purchase can help you to raise sales and increase your brand awareness. Estée Lauder for example use a "Beauty to go" giftset, with some products and a branded make up bag.

"Beauty to go" Giftset by Estée Lauder
With a purchase of US$ 36,5 or more the customer gets this free marketing gift worth up to US$ 100. The interesting part of this free gift is the branded make up bag. Besides the other products, the make up bag will last a long time and offers therefore many benefits for Estée Lauder.
The branding on the make up bag will remind the customer of Estée Lauder, every time the customer uses it. Therefore this branded make up bag will surely improve customer retention and furthermore increase brand awareness and product recognition.

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