Tuesday 22 September 2015

How to raise sales in China? A Giveaway is the Answer

Famous soft drink brand Coca Cola has recently started its new promotional campaign in order to rise sales in Chinese market. The main elements of the campaign are going to include on-pack promotion, online competition and various prizes – photo camera as grand prize, numerous wristbands and even free product 6-packs giveaway. One of the conditions to participate in the competition is a necessity to buy a promotional 6-pack of the soft drink. Promotional campaign is going to be featured on Coca Cola and Sprite soft drinks of the brand.

How to raise sales in China A Giveaway is the Answer
Giveaway is a right choice for this campaign as it is a powerful technique to stimulate sales. It is relatively inexpensive comparing to another sale boosting marketing strategies, which is beneficial. Also, it assists in encouraging people to purchase the product, so that they can enter the competition with giveaways. Therefore it is especially helpful in rising short-term sales and promoting brand’s website. Brand awareness or in case of Coca Cola to reinforce the-top-of-the-mind awareness, positive media coverage, brand association and even ability to influence future sales. Giveaway is a marketing strategy that is able to achieve all listed above.

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